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Call of Dragons Mod - A custom version to enjoy the game with unlimited money and immortality features. Experience an engaging, user-friendly, and diverse gameplay on both APK and IOS platforms.
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Hello everyone, welcome to the surprising world of Call of Dragons Mod. In this custom version, you will experience an unlimited journey with infinite money and immortality feature. The mod menu will be your companion, helping you easily customize your experience as you wish. Unlock new features and content to enjoy exciting challenges. Especially, you will feel the superior power when battling immortality and indulge in the joy of unlimited creativity in the colorful world of magic. Are you ready to embark on the journey of unlimited dragons and magic.

Behemoth Battles – A New Experience:

Taming and Summoning Behemoths

In Call of Dragons, taming and summoning Behemoths is a crucial part of the game. You will engage in epic battles alongside your allies to defeat powerful monsters like the Lizard Serpent, Thunderbird, and mighty Dragons. After your victory, you can tame them and turn them into your secret weapons.

Using Behemoths in PvP Battles

Behemoths not only play a significant role in PvE battles but can also be summoned in PvP battles. This adds an exciting strategic element, where you can use these powerful creatures to create surprises and change the course of the battle. The timing of summoning Behemoths can determine your success or defeat in the match.

Freeform Combat and Diverse Strategies

Utilize the 3D Terrain

Call of Dragons offers a unique combat experience by making the most of real 3D terrain. You’ll need to strategize based on diverse maps featuring twists and turns, mountains, rivers, and plains. Commanding Air Armies to navigate these challenges and unleashing powerful combat skills are crucial elements in achieving victory.

Diverse Commander Skills

In battles, you’ll have the ability to use the powerful skills of various leaders. These skills range from stealth capabilities, area-of-effect attacks to unique special moves. Effectively using these skills allows you to dominate the battlefield and alter the course of the fight.

Fantasy World and Diverse Races

Exploring the Fantasy World

Call of Dragons doesn’t just throw you into thrilling battles but also immerses you in a diverse fantasy world. You’ll have the opportunity to explore mystical locations like the Firefly Tree and the Ice Tower. This adds an adventurous and exploratory aspect to your gaming experience.

Diverse Races

With unique races such as the Fairies, mighty Orcs, Ice Mages, and many others, you’ll have the chance to build a diverse and powerful team. Each race has its own abilities, and choosing the right one for each battle is a crucial part of your strategy.

Features of the Call of Dragons Mod:

Unlimited Money

This feature allows you to have an unlimited amount of money in the game, enabling you to shop, upgrade, and perform various activities without worrying about resources.

Mod Menu

The mod menu interface is typically where all the custom features in the mod version are centralized. From there, you can easily select and toggle features such as unlimited money, immortality, and other functionalities.

Unlock Features

This mod allows you to unlock features or content in the game that you would typically need to meet conditions or complete new missions to experience.


This feature can make your character or units invulnerable, meaning they cannot be killed in battles.

Download Call of Dragons Mod APK/IOS

Experience the exciting custom version of Call of Dragons Mod today. The free Mod APK/IOS version is available for both operating systems, ensuring security and a user-friendly experience while playing. With unlimited money and immortality features, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the game without resource constraints or failures. The mod menu makes it easy for you to customize your experience as you wish. Enjoy the world full of magic, challenges, and creative joy that Call of Dragons Mod brings.

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