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Elderand Mod enhances the gaming experience by offering features like unlimited money, unlocking, mod menu, immortality, and power boosts. It provides players with a unique and customizable way to enjoy Elderand
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Elderand Mod, that’s the gateway to a world full of magic, limitless power, and boundless exploration. With the presence of this mod, you’ll experience Elderand like never before. Unlimited wealth, unlocking everything you desire, and using the mod menu to customize your experience. Immortality against any challenge and limitless power in your hands, you’ll be the mightiest hero in Elderand. Ready? Step into the magical world of the Elderand Mod and discover the amazing things it brings.

Dynamic Metroidvania Action

Elderand offers an exciting and engaging metroidvania experience. Players will embark on challenging action quests in a mysterious and bizarre world.

The game draws inspiration from classic action platformers and delivers an exhilarating rolling experience. Facing dangerous situations and fearsome monsters, players must showcase their skills to survive.

RPG Character Customization

Elderand allows you to customize your character in various ways, creating a combat experience tailored to your style.

Diverse Weapons

The game features a variety of weapons such as whips, swords, daggers, axes, bows, and many more. Each type of weapon has its own stats and abilities, allowing you to choose and customize your weapons to match your playstyle.

Tools and Lethal Abilities

In addition to weapons, you have access to various tools and lethal abilities to challenge and confront formidable bosses.

Lovecraftian Horror World

Elderand carries Lovecraftian elements with a world shrouded in darkness and madness.

Explore Multiple Areas

Players will have the opportunity to explore various areas, from villages, forests, prisons, floating islands, cursed temples, and the Elderand hell, which is one of the most terrifying places.

Rich Story

The secrets of the game world are revealed through collecting lost letters and notes from pitiable souls who came before you. This enriches the storyline and captivates players.

Diverse Enemies and Bosses

Elderand offers over 60 different types of enemies and numerous formidable bosses for you to confront and vanquish.

Weapon Upgrades and Crafting

Collect loot from your adventures and defeated enemies, then use them to upgrade your weapons through crafting. This helps enhance your combat experience and progression.

Features in Elderand Mod

Elderand Mod enhances the gaming experience with the following features:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocking
  • Mod menu
  • Immortality
  • Power boost

Frequently Asked Questions about Elderand Mod

Is this mod safe?

Elderand Mod is completely safe and secures players’ information. You can participate and download the game to your phone without worrying about anything.

Can I use Elderand Mod on all game versions?

The mod’s compatibility may change over time and with the game’s version. Check if this mod is compatible with the current version of Elderand.

Do I need to root/jailbreak my device to use Elderand Mod?

Some mods require a rooted or jailbroken device, but not always. Check the specific requirements of Elderand Mod before installation.

What features does the mod menu of Elderand Mod offer?

Mod menus typically allow you to make changes such as enabling/disabling features, adjusting in-game parameters, and customizing your experience.


Elderand Mod APK/IOS opens up a world of wonder for this game, offering limitless customization and power. Above are the details and features of the Elderand Mod version, and we hope it provides you with the best gaming experience.

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