EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR MOD is an exciting and unique version of the game. It offers enhanced features such as unlimited resources, character modifications, increased experience, and an ad-free experience. The Mod is available for free on various platforms, ensuring player-friendly and secure gameplay. Become a powerful hero, defeat evil forces, and embark on an epic adventure. Download EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR MOD now and unleash your heroic potential.
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Welcome to EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR MOD – a unique and creative version shared by APKcombo for everyone. Experience special features such as unique characters, unlimited money, fast experience growth, and no advertisements. Become the mightiest hero and fight against the forces of evil in a world full of potential. Start your adventure in EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR MOD right now!

Diverse heroes from different factions

EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR takes pride in having a diverse hero system, including heroes from various factions. Here are some types of heroes you can find in the game:


Warrior heroes are righteous fighters with high physical strength. They can deal heavy damage and withstand well in close combat.


Mage heroes belong to the mage faction and possess powerful spellcasting abilities. They can inflict area-of-effect damage, heal allies, and use special effects to alter the course of battle.


Archer heroes are swift individuals with excellent long-range shooting abilities. With high critical hit damage, they can take down targets from a distance and play a crucial role in eliminating enemies.


Hunter heroes are trained to seek out and track down specific targets. With tracking and flexible attacking abilities, they excel at eliminating special targets within the enemy lineup.

Rich upgrade system

EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR provides players with a powerful team upgrade system. Here are the highlights of this system:

Skill upgrades

You can upgrade the skills of your heroes to enhance their effectiveness and power in battle. Each hero has unique skills, and upgrading them unlocks new abilities.

Equipment upgrades

In addition to skill upgrades, you can also upgrade the equipment of your heroes. Equipment provides stat improvements and special abilities, helping to boost the strength and combat capabilities of your team.

Attribute upgrades

The attribute upgrade system allows you to enhance the attributes of your heroes, such as strength, health, defense, speed, and more. This helps increase survivability and effectiveness in battles.

Team level upgrades

You can level up your team to unlock and utilize new functions and features. This expands the scope of development and provides you with more opportunities to enhance the power of your team.

Captivating storyline

EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR comes with a rich and captivating storyline. Through PVE stages and following the story in the anime, your heroes will engage in battles and grow stronger together. The storyline brings drama, development, and connections between characters, creating a deep and engaging gaming experience.

Challenging PvP mode

In EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR, you can participate in PvP mode and challenge players from all around the world. Different PvP arenas allow you to showcase the strength and tactics of your team. You can compete and strive for ranking positions to see who has the strongest team composition.

The features of the EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR Mod

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unique Characters
  • Fast Experience Gain
  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Enhanced Gameplay


EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR MOD APK IOS is a unique and exciting version of the game, and the best part is that it’s available for free! You can download and experience this Game Mod version on various platforms, including mobile phones and tablets. It’s worth noting that this application is specifically designed to ensure player-friendliness, while also guaranteeing safety and security during gameplay. You can freely explore and enjoy the unique features that EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR MOD brings, without worrying about safety and security concerns. Download now and become a hero in the world of EPIC HERO: GREAT WAR MOD.

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