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Exist Mod is a customized version of the game Exist, providing unlimited money, immortality, and the meu mod. Players can unlock full equipment and weapons, creating an experience without limits.
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In the virtual world of Exist Mod nothing is impossible. Immersed in the realm of mystical swordplay, the game presents an adventure full of challenges and intensity. With limitless wealth, immortality, and unparalleled power from the meu mod, you are free to explore every corner of the world and ascend to the pinnacle of power. Unlocking full equipment and weapons, you will become a great warrior, ready to face every challenge and obstacle the game presents.

Diverse and engaging setting

Exist Mobile immerses players in a mystical swordplay world with a delicate blend of monster and magic elements. With a rich storyline and diverse setting, players have the opportunity to explore and learn about a world full of danger and mystery.

Simple and engaging gameplay

With a simple yet engaging hack-and-slash gameplay, Exist Mobile delivers an energy-intensive and thrilling action experience. Players can easily maneuver on the mobile screen, enjoying risky and dramatic battles.

Diverse and intriguing mission system

With a diverse and gradually challenging mission system, players will be challenged and feel the progression during gameplay. From fighting monsters to rescuing hostages, missions in Exist Mobile provide a sense of excitement and satisfaction for players.

Versatile and flexible combat

Another highlight of Exist Mobile is its ability to fight in all terrains, from the ground to the rooftops. This opens up many opportunities for diverse and unique combat, making players feel comfortable in showcasing their skills.

Rich skill system

With the ability to learn many powerful new skills, players can develop their characters as desired and customize their combat tactics. This rich skill system provides diversity and depth to the gaming experience.

Features in Exist Mod

Here are the mod features available in the Exist Mod version that players will experience, including:

  • Infinite money
  • Immortality
  • Meu mod
  • Unlocking
  • Full equipment and weapons


Exist Mod brings an entirely new experience, opening the endless doors of power and potential in the mystical swordplay world. With limitless wealth, immortality, and the meu mod capability, players can freely explore and experience every aspect of the game in an exciting and liberating way. The feature of unlocking full equipment and weapons provides players with the opportunity to become the most powerful warriors, ready to face every challenge on their journey.

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