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In a not-too-distant future, humanity is facing a devastating nuclear war. From that war, a notorious group called the “Contami” ignited an even darker event that turned the entire human race into terrifying zombies. The toxic chemicals from the nuclear bombs have polluted the entire environment and humans have no way out of this disaster. But in desperation and hope for survival, a small group of survivors formed an alliance to fight against the Contami and defeat these terrifying zombies.

And that is the setting of Ground Zero – a challenging and perilous survival action game, where players will take on the role of a survivor and must face dangers everywhere to gain survival. With a rich crafting system, expansive shelter features, and stunning graphics, Ground Zero Mod promises to bring players dramatic experiences and exploration in a world full of post-apocalyptic settings. Get ready to fight to survive and defeat the Contami along with other survivors in this game.

The outstanding features of Ground Zero game include

Ground Zero is a challenging survival action game with many exciting and outstanding features. Here are some of the highlights of this game:

Rich crafting system

In Ground Zero, players will have to search and collect resources from the surrounding environment to craft essential items for survival. From simple materials like wood, stone, and metal, players can craft important items such as weapons, tools, armor, and survival equipment. With a rich and diverse crafting system, players can freely craft and improve their items to enhance their survival abilities.

Expand shelter feature

Another highlight of Ground Zero is the expand shelter feature. Players can upgrade existing buildings, build new ones, and expand their living space to improve their chances of survival. Depending on the type of building players choose to construct, their shelter can be upgraded for safety, functionality, and design, helping players to fight against terrifying forces and gain survival.

Intense action

Ground Zero has a rich combat system, with intense and exciting battles. Players will have to fight against terrifying zombies and Contamies, those who plotted the devastating nuclear war, to gain survival. The combat system of Ground Zero provides players with various types of weapons and tools to cope with different threats.

Explore a mysterious world

In Ground Zero, players can explore multiple maps in a post-apocalyptic world full of mysteries. Different locations will have different challenges and survival opportunities. Players may have to face different types of zombies with varying difficulty and strength, and search for valuable items to help them win. The maps of Ground Zero are designed in great detail, creating a very realistic feel and providing great experiences for players.

Beautiful graphics

Ground Zero has stunning graphics with a design style similar to other survival action games. The environment is designed in great detail and is terrifying, creating a sense of horror and drama for the player. Additionally, items, characters, and monsters in the game are beautifully designed and vivid.

Simple controls

Ground Zero has simple and easy-to-use controls, allowing players to enter the game without any difficulty. The control keys are clearly and simply defined, allowing players to easily manipulate and move their characters in the post-apocalyptic world.

With outstanding and attractive features, Ground Zero is a survival action game that is worth experiencing. Players will go through intense battles, explore a world full of mysteries, and craft important items to defeat terrifying zombies and Contamies.

Ground Zero Mod features

Here are some Mod features developed and edited by APKcombo from Ground Zero, providing players with the best gaming experience. Specifically, they include

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads
  • Feature Mods
  • Unlocking
  • Immortality.

Download link for Ground Zero Mod APK IOS

We share Ground Zero Mod APK IOS for free to players, this  Game Mod version is safe and user-friendly. In addition, Ground Zero Mod is suitable for various operating systems such as PC, Android, IOS. We wish everyone a fun gaming experience.


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