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Lucifer Idle Mod offers a unique experience with unlimited money, unlocks, immortality, mod menu, and game speed boost, creating a distinctive and convenient version.
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Lucifer Idle Mod brings players a unique version with special and unlimited features, creating an exciting and convenient gaming experience. The game has the ability to have unlimited money, unlock everything you desire, and immortality within the game, allowing players to explore the world of Lucifer limitlessly.

The flexible mod menu helps optimize the gaming experience while speeding up the game for added convenience. Lucifer Idle Mod is not just an opportunity to explore the game’s space but also a way to experience Lucifer from a completely new and unrestricted perspective.

Engaging Story

Lucifer Idle captivates players with a tale of revenge and Lucifer’s growth in paradise. This immersive journey creates a dynamic and dramatic world, keeping players constantly eager to discover the next developments.

Flexible Auto-Battle Feature

The auto-battle feature helps Lucifer develop quickly without sacrificing the simplicity and ease of the game, providing an enjoyable experience without excessive manual intervention.

Diverse Skill Effects

Lucifer Idle captivates players with a variety of colorful and attractive skill effects. Each skill is carefully designed, creating a spectacular and rich combat experience. From explosive effects to special lighting effects, players will be immersed in the beauty of each tactic and skill, creating unique and unforgettable moments in the world of Lucifer Idle.

Unique Costumes and Appearances

Lucifer Idle is not just a combat game but also a place for players to enjoy creating a unique image for Lucifer. With unique costumes and appearances, players can customize their characters in a distinctive way, adding more personality and creativity. The flexible combination of coldness and allure, through each costume, turns Lucifer into a uniquely personalized icon, attracting attention and curiosity from players.

Features in Lucifer Idle Mod

In the Lucifer Idle Mod version, players can enjoy the following free Mod features:

  • Unlimited money and gold
  • Unlocking features
  • Mod menu, character Mod
  • Game speed boost


Lucifer Idle Mod APK/IOS transforms the gaming experience, offering players an unprecedented journey into the world of Lucifer. With unlimited resources, unlocked features, and an immortal gameplay mode, the mod provides unparalleled freedom. The engaging storyline, flexible auto-battle, and diverse skill effects create a captivating and visually stunning experience. Beyond combat, the game allows for unique character customization, making Lucifer Idle a blend of action and personal expression. In this modded version, players enjoy a plethora of features, enhancing both gameplay convenience and the allure of Lucifer’s immersive universe.

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