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Metal Slug: Awakening Mod offers an exceptional customized experience with unlimited money, supreme power, invincibility, and ad removal. It's entirely creative and exciting across all platforms.
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Metal Slug: Awakening Mod takes you into a completely new world, where you can experience unlimited power and might. With infinite money, you can customize your equipment and super vehicles as you desire. Overwhelming strength comes with the full-damage companion Mod, allowing you to defeat any opponent. The convenient menu helps you easily control and enjoy every aspect of the game. Overcome every challenge with invincibility, and relish a Game experience uninterrupted by advertisements. Metal Slug: Awakening Mod is a true adventure of power and customization.

Experiencing Distinctive Visuals and Sounds

In Metal Slug: Awakening, the visuals and sounds reach new heights, creating a fantastic blend of classic and modern worlds.

Visual Experience

The game draws inspiration from the classic arcade originals and places them in a modern graphical perspective. Enhanced visuals with better detail ensure players enjoy a splendid and diverse world. Classic elements such as character models and environments are preserved but improved to match contemporary graphic standards. The result is a captivating visual experience that’s both familiar and fresh.

Sound Experience

Sound plays a crucial role in creating an appealing and exciting game atmosphere. Metal Slug: Awakening inherits characteristic sounds from the Metal Slug series, from the sounds of gunfire and footsteps on the ground to the lively background music. From gunshots to bomb blasts, players will be immersed in a dynamic and vivid action world.

Diversity and Creativity in Gameplay Metal Slug

Awakening offers diverse and engaging action gameplay, showcasing the developers’ creativity and innovation.

Variety of Weapons and Super Vehicles

In the game, players have the opportunity to experience a range of different weapons and super vehicles. From machine guns and grenades to devastating tanks, each type of weapon provides a different gameplay experience and a unique approach to situations. The ability to customize weapons and super vehicles according to your playstyle adds to the diversity of gameplay.

Creativity in Approach

Metal Slug: Awakening encourages players to think creatively in approaching various situations. By integrating Roguelike gameplay and world exploration, players can devise various strategies and plans to overcome challenges. The diversity in approach keeps the game exciting and brings freshness to each playthrough.

Mod Features in Metal Slug Awakening Mod

This Mod version offers several attractive features for players to experience, including the following Mod features:

  • Infinite money
  • Menu
  • Invincibility Mod
  • No advertisements
  • Unlocking


Metal Slug: Awakening Mod APK/IOS is a promising custom version, ensuring safety and compatibility across multiple platforms. The combination of features like unlimited money, full-damage Mod, invincibility Mod, and ad removal creates an experience of unlimited and engaging gameplay. What’s special is that the careful guidance from the modding community ensures stability and safety during the process of downloading and installing this Mod. The support across various platforms and the availability of free mod downloads demonstrate the modding community’s commitment to providing the best experience for players, a reason they can fully trust and engage in this promising adventure.

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