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Oh My Dog Mod offers players an enhanced experience with unlimited money, unlockable resources, a mod menu, and ad removal, allowing for a customized and unrestricted gaming adventure.
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Oh My Dog Mod is an exciting custom version of the original game Oh My Dog, offering players unique experiences. In this version, you will experience absolute freedom with features, including unlimited money to purchase and upgrade your favorite dog heroes. Additionally, you can unlock resources and challenging levels, creating a perfect custom gaming experience. The mod menu makes it easy to control these features while eliminating annoying ads for uninterrupted gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of Oh My Dog Mod and explore without limits.

Diverse Dog Heroes

  • The game features over 50 different dog heroes for you to collect and create your own team.
  • Each dog hero has a unique appearance and skills, allowing you to develop diverse and creative strategies.

Endless Battles

  • The game is thrilling with battles that never end. You can participate in continuous matches and challenge your opponents.
  • Use your dog heroes to fight and defeat weaker foes, creating a constant sense of satisfaction and excitement.

Fast Stage Clear Mode

  • The game offers a fast stage clear mode, allowing you to complete 100 levels in just one hour.
  • This is a challenge for your speed and decision-making abilities, creating an exciting and engaging experience.

Diverse Battlefields

  • The game allows you to freely switch between different battle scenes, adding diversity and style to the gaming experience.
  • Each battlefield has its own characteristics and challenges, requiring you to adjust your tactics effectively.

Easy-to-Understand Yet Deep Gameplay Strategy

  • The game incorporates strategic elements while remaining accessible to new players.
  • You must strategically choose skills to optimize the performance of your team of dog heroes, creating challenges and exploring different strategies.

Features of Oh My Dog Mod

Here are the Mod features available in the game for players to use, including:

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlockables
  • Mod menu
  • Ad removal


Oh My Dog Mod APK/IOS brings customization and freedom to the original game, offering unlimited money, the ability to unlock resources and levels, along with the convenience of a mod menu and ad removal. This is an appealing version for players who want to experience Oh My Dog in their own way, creating a comfortable and limitless gaming experience. Enjoy the game, everyone.

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