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Pure Tube Mod is an app that offers a premium YouTube experience. With a lightweight size, it eliminates ads, provides a familiar interface, and quick operations. You can choose your favorite topics, enjoy background audio, and set video quality. It's available for free, making it a convenient choice for ad-free and enhanced YouTube usage.
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If you are watching YouTube and feel annoyed by too many intrusive ads, then you should immediately use the Pure Tube Mod app provided by APKcombo for users. When using this App Mod version, you won’t have to endure those annoying ads anymore and you can enjoy the best YouTube experience.

What is Pure Tube?

Pure Tube is an application that supports users in watching online videos on the YouTube platform without having to view advertisements. Moreover, this application also provides many other useful features such as background audio playback, video playback without the need to keep the screen on, and account synchronization across all devices with the app installed.

What is Pure Tube Mod APK/IOS Premium?

The YouTube platform is a vast repository of free videos. All sorts of content, such as animations, music videos, entertainment clips, cooking videos, and more, are uploaded on this platform. Because YouTube has become so familiar to everyone, during the process of watching videos, users are often subjected to advertisements inserted by content creators. While some professional content creators include only a few ads to satisfy viewers, there are channels that continuously insert ads at a high frequency, which can be quite irritating.

To address this issue, the Pure Tube app was created with the purpose of allowing users to watch videos without ads. However, to access these useful features, you need to purchase the Pure Tube Premium version, which requires a fee. Not everyone can afford monthly fees.

Understanding this, we have modified and released the Pure Tube Mod APK/IOS Premium version with all the features included. You can download, install, and use it completely free of charge.

Pure Tube Mod APK/IOS with a lightweight size

Pure Tube mod apk is just under 10MB. However, its functionality is tremendous. The app has a user interface design similar to the regular YouTube version. The operations are fast and convenient, allowing you to use any feature in no time. It is especially suitable for those who are not tech-savvy.

Pure Tube Mod APK/IOS is 99% similar to YouTube, except it doesn’t have ads.

Pure Tube mod apk is a version with all the useful features, comparable to the official YouTube version. You can choose and watch your favorite topics, and the system will automatically suggest the most suitable videos based on your search behavior.

If you can quickly search for a desired video on YouTube, Pure Tube is just as capable. Everything you want will be displayed almost instantly, within 2 seconds.

Moreover, for those who enjoy listening to music but don’t want to keep the screen on or switch to a different interface, Pure Tube allows you to play audio without turning on the screen. This is something that the regular YouTube app cannot do.

The image and audio quality when watching through Pure Tube ranges from 144p to 1090p, and even supports 4K resolution for certain videos. You can set the image quality according to your own preferences.

Lastly, the Pure Tube Mod APK/IOS version has unlocked Premium features completely free for both Android and iPhone platforms. The download link has been updated below, so click on it to start using this utility from today onwards.

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