SIGMAX MOD is an extended version of the hero shooting game SIGMAX, bringing cooperative gameplay mode, unlimited money and diamonds MOD menu, along with unique weapon MODs. Experience an exciting adventure with unlimited power.
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Get ready to experience an action-packed and immersive journey into a world full of magic and martial arts with SIGMAX MOD. This extended version brings you unimaginable features: from challenging cooperative gameplay to an unlimited money and diamond mod menu for upgrading heroes, and even unique superlative weapons. Join intense battles and become a true hero in the world of SIGMAX MOD. Download now from APKcombo and start your adventure today.

Unique Heroes with Special Abilities

In SIGMAX, one of the notable highlights is the diverse roster of 8 different heroes that players can choose from. Each hero in the game has their own story and unique abilities, creating a rich and varied experience for players. You will explore personalization and learn about the gameplay of each hero through their story and the impact of their unique skills in battles.

Exciting 4V4 Fight Out Mode

SIGMAX promises to deliver players dynamic and tense battles through the 4V4 Fight Out game mode. Here, you can team up with three other players and cooperate to fight against the opposing team within a 7-minute timeframe. Experience a fast-paced multiplayer combat environment that demands coordination and smart tactics to achieve victory. Thanks to the rating and ranking system, you will always have the opportunity to challenge opponents with similar skills and become an outstanding winner.

Easy-to-Play Experience with Smooth Graphics

SIGMAX has been optimized for mobile devices, providing players with an easy and smooth experience in playing hero shooting games. Intuitive controls and impressive graphic design make it easy for you to engage in the journey of the heroes. You will not be interrupted by technical issues and can instantly enjoy the fantastic gaming experience right at your fingertips.

Free Events and Ranking Challenges

In SIGMAX, you not only get to participate in exciting battles, but also have the chance to join numerous free events. Receiving attractive rewards from these events will help strengthen the power and influence of your heroes. At the same time, you can challenge yourself through the ranking mode, where you compete with other players to achieve greater honors and accomplishments.

Epic Journey with Friends

In addition to participating in battles and events, SIGMAX also provides an excellent opportunity for you to connect and embark on an epic journey with friends. Form teams and collaborate together in 4V4 matches, face challenges, and triumph in intense battles. The support and bond with your friends will help create memorable moments and elevate your experience in SIGMAX.

Features available in SIGMAX MOD:

  • Unlock various features
  • Mod Menu
  • Character and Weapon Mod
  • Unlimited Money and Diamonds
  • Immortal Characters.

Frequently Asked Questions about SIGMAX Mod

What is SIGMAX Mod, and how is it different from the original SIGMAX?

SIGMAX Mod is an extended version of the hero shooting game SIGMAX, developed by APKcombo. It brings exclusive features such as cooperative gameplay mode, unlimited money and diamond MOD menu, and weapon MOD. Compared to the original SIGMAX, the MOD offers a more diverse and rich gaming experience.

How do I download and install SIGMAX Mod?

To download and install SIGMAX Mod, you need to access the APKcombo website or the corresponding app store. Search for “SIGMAX Mod” and choose the version that matches your device. Then, click on the “Download” button and follow the instructions for installation.

Why can’t I connect to the cooperative gameplay mode?

If you encounter issues connecting to the cooperative gameplay mode, make sure you have a stable internet connection. If the problem persists, try restarting the application or check if your SIGMAX Mod version is up to date.

Is there a way to earn unlimited money and diamonds in SIGMAX Mod?

SIGMAX Mod comes with the MOD menu, which provides unlimited money and diamonds, giving you maximum power and the ability to customize your team as you wish. However, please remember that using the MOD menu to earn unlimited money and diamonds violates the rules and terms of service of the game.

What benefits does the weapon MOD offer to players?

The weapon MOD in SIGMAX Mod provides players with unique and powerful weapons never seen before. This helps increase combat strength and allows you to showcase creativity in battles.


SIGMAX Mod APK/IOS is an enjoyable extended Game Mod version for the hero shooting game SIGMAX. With cooperative gameplay mode, the MOD menu with unlimited money and diamonds, along with unique weapon mods, players will experience a diverse and promising gaming world. Enjoy limitless power and embark on an adventurous journey with special heroes. Have fun and good luck to all players.

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