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Welcome to the world of Viking Rise Mod – a real-time strategy war game with multiplayer, where you can become a Viking leader and lead your tribe through Valhalla to conquer the world of Midgard. In this game, you will be immersed in a world full of challenges and adventures, where famous heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history are waiting for you to join bloody battles and bring your tribe to the pinnacle of power. Moreover, Viking Rise has stunning graphics and beautiful original music, providing an excellent experience for players. Get ready to become a true Viking ruler and explore this fascinating world.

The game with beautiful graphics and music

Viking Rise is a game with beautiful graphics and music that immediately captivates players from the first experience.

The graphics in Viking Rise are designed very delicately, creating a beautiful Midgard world with diverse landscapes, from majestic oceans to towering mountains and vast forests. Every detail is meticulously crafted, creating a vivid and attractive environment for players.

The music in Viking Rise is composed by the famous composer Mikolaj Stroinski. The music in the game not only creates a space full of Norse elements, but also perfectly matches each landscape and situation in the game, allowing players to feel the strong pulse of battle and the solemnity of the Viking world.

Fight with many other online players

In Viking Rise, players will be able to fight alongside thousands of other players around the world, creating a fantastic multiplayer online gaming experience.

Players can participate in multiplayer battles with different landscapes and objectives, from land battles to sea battles. In addition, players can also form alliances with other players to defeat enemies and protect each other on the battlefield.

Multiplayer battles in Viking Rise require players to have strategic skills, intelligence, and creative abilities to fight against opponents. Only smart, cautious, and tactful players can win in these challenging battles.

With promising multiplayer online gaming features, Viking Rise will help players experience a global, dramatic and challenging battle, while providing them with enjoyable moments of entertainment and relaxation with friends and other players.

Diverse features

Viking Rise is a real-time strategy war game with multiplayer, offering a lot of exciting features for players to explore. Here are the diverse features that Viking Rise brings:

Territory Building

Players can expand their territory and build important locations such as villages, trading posts, or military fortresses. In this way, players can develop their tribe and enhance their combat strength.

Summon Viking Heroes

Viking Rise allows players to summon famous heroes such as Ragnar, Bjorn, or Valkyrie and lead them into battle to defeat the enemy.

Sea battles

Players can lead the Vikings across the sea to conquer new lands, attack and plunder the enemy’s resources, and develop effective strategies to defeat their forces.

Taming Ancient Dragons

Players can hunt and tame ancient dragon species to become one of the greatest legends in Midgard.

Real-time combat

Players will engage in real-time battles to defeat enemies and protect their tribe.


Players can cooperate and form alliances with other players worldwide to defeat common enemies.

The game has a high level of strategy

Viking Rise is a real-time strategy game with high strategic gameplay, requiring players to have tactical skills and the ability to make quick decisions.

Players must calculate and make smart decisions to develop their territory, build infrastructure, recruit troops, and search for resources. From there, they can devise appropriate strategies to fight and defend their territory against ruthless enemies. Combat skills on land and sea require players to be sophisticated and creative in order to maximize their strength and win in battle.

What is special about Viking Rise is that players can choose between diplomacy or war when making demands for Midgard and building a Viking empire. This requires players to be flexible in decision-making and coping with different situations to create optimal strategies and achieve the highest results.

The Mod features in Viking Rise Mod

Viking Rise is a game with diverse features and also has many Mod features, allowing players to customize and expand the game according to their preferences. Here are some Mod features in Viking Rise:

Naval Warfare Mod:  This Mod allows players to focus on naval combat and expand their fighting capabilities on the open sea. They can customize their warships and develop their skills to become a great Viking naval leader.

Building Mod: This Mod focuses on building and developing territory. Players can customize architecture, build buildings and infrastructure to develop their territory. They can also adjust resources and population to ensure sustainable development of the land.

Hero Mod: This Mod focuses on the heroes in the game and allows players to customize and develop their skills. Players can choose the heroes that best fit their tactics and develop their skills to become the strongest warriors in the Viking war.

Time Mod: This Mod allows players to adjust the time in the game to create faster or longer battles. They can increase or decrease the game speed to suit their preferences.

All of these Mod features are exciting changes and additions to the game, creating a unique and customized experience for players. They also allow players to customize and adjust the game to fit their play style and create new challenges in the Viking war.

Viking Rise Mod APK IOS is the latest Game Mod version shared by APKcombo for players to download to their smartphones for free. The Mod version is safe and secure and compatible with various platforms. We wish everyone a fun gaming experience and victory over all opponents.

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